Agua de limon

Oh, how we love fresh waters to drink.
You will frequently find Aguas for sale in large glass jars with big scoops most anywhere in Mexico.

We carry a couple in our restaurant, usually agua de horchata (rice water) and a fruit or Hibiscus.

So refreshing. To go with any meal, pick a fruit, most any fruit. Strawberries, limes, lemons, pineapple, mangos, watermelon, muskmelon.

I added a half cup of sugar and a bunch of water. It really is according to your taste, so for me to tell you 6 cups water would be winging it. That's what it is, anyway, about 6 cups. Give or take.

Add ice, enjoy with your Gorditas. Or tacos. Or burritos.

For this task, I have hand squeezed--not that I recommend it, my squeezer broke--a bunch of limes. They are inexpensive and impressive.

That was a workout. My fingers now have biceps.

I'm recycling this jar. It's so handy. I like it's size but I like cane sugar better.
1/2 cup sugar.


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