Guacamole to DIE for!

Oh my goodness you're going to love this!
Supermercado Mexico has the best, ready to eat avocados. I love the price. I don't feel guilty picking up 6 avocados (or more) and spending an arm and a leg. It seems like they are always fresh and we have a constant supply.

I cut them in quarters, and peel from the point down. Usually comes off in one big piece.

To remove the seed, cut into it, and twist. It will pop right out.

The tomato is a Roma tomato, they are so tasty when in season!
tiny cubes. My daughter helped me cut this one up.

To peel your garlic, flatten it! 

Like this!

Paper wrap comes right off.


Finely. How big of a bite of garlic do you really want to eat?

Mash the avocadoes with the garlic. I tell you, these avocados have always been good and no sitting around.

Add your tomato and salt.

Ready! Now just let it sit a bit so flavors can mingle. Can you resist?

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