Huevos con Chorizo

I love breakfast foods. Eggs are simple to cook and adding variety is as easy as adding leftover potatoes, cheese and sausage.

This morning, we are enjoying eggs with Mexican sausage called chorizo. Pronounced (Cho-ree-so)

It has a mix of spices, including clove, which gives it such an interesting flavor, so different from sage sausage.

The above shot is taken at Supermercado Mexico on Division, and you can see the variety. We also make it in house.

This is beef chorizo, most varieties are pork. It is also spicy. My kids don't like too much spice, but mixed with eggs and cream, it isn't as spicy as you might think. This particular kind comes two tubes to a pack. I use 3/4 of a tube for my family of five.

Cook thoroughly, stirring the chorizo up while cooking to avoid burning.

These are our lovely eggs that my chickens lay. (Yes, be jealous. The shells are harder than store bought and the yolk is more yellow.) This is what I add to 3/4 pack of chorizo. We eat between 8-10 eggs.

When the chorizo is done cooking, add your eggs. There are two ways to do it, if you take the time to open and scramble then ahead of time, it turns out about the same as dropping them on the griddle. Add salt to taste.

I can smell the chorizo cooking now!

Warm up a tortilla and load it with eggs and chorizo, and cream.
Small hands can hold this wrap very easily and it sticks to the tortilla, so little falls out.

You can add avocado, if you like. Also delectable.

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