Tostones (something special from Central America)

I'm visiting a friend tonight, and she's making Tostones for her husband's birthday. (Happy Birthday, Douglas!)

It's a traditional dish from Central America, and my friend Gloria is preparing it. I'm learning while I take pictures and now I will never wonder again how a certain restaurant that I enjoy makes them. Take pleasure with me because these are so good.

There was a group of eight adults, and you chop these into pieces.

Then peel.

She is using a knife because the green plantians don't really like to let go of their peelings. Peelings, nothing more than peelings... Sorry.

Here we are frying them in oil for the FIRST time. Yes, you read that right. You're going to need to fry them a couple times. The first is to soften them up for flattening, the second is to give them a nice golden brown look.

Flip them over.

Here Gloria's using a cup to flatten the fried plantain.


Now they are ready for their salt solution bath. Here is where I diverged from my friend. I enjoyed these so much on Saturday, I made them again on Tuesday. I don't have Sazon Goya, nor the red capped Adobo seasoning. I used simple salt and garlic powder in water and it worked just fine.

Dip the flattened plantain in the solution, then fry again.

Like this.

Guacamole was simple and is based on your personal taste.
Gloria used onion and salt.
I used garlic and salt.
They both tasted delicious.

Top with guacamole and honey.  (night shot)

These are mine from Tuesday, sans honey. Lighting is everything. I fixed that, but really, these didn't need honey and they were better than chocolate. I say that a lot, but I really like chocolate, so that's saying something.
  (early evening shot)

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