Carrots and Cream

This is a great side dish, but it has frequently been made into a sandwich en mi casa.
It is one that is quick to make, if you have something to grate carrots rapidly. I use my Kitchen Aid attachments and zip out those carrots.

I just seem to think of these recipes as I'm making them. So I made this, then had a duh moment and recreated the moment to snap some pictures. 

Sour Cream

For this recipe,

You could do it this way, if you didn't have a machine. It is time consuming.

I like this attachment for my Kitchen Aid. It takes the work out of grating the carrots. Use what you have.

Add your salt and black pepper. Ok. Truth be told, I cannot stand pepper. I don't even have standard black pepper in my house. This pepper has chipotle and I can tolerate it. Just black pepper? Eh. More for you because I don't buy it. :)

Mix in a big spoonful of sour cream and mayonnaise.

It's already starting to look delightful.

We added it to our ribs and broccoli. The leftovers were put between two slices of bread and turned into a snack of a sandwich. Buen provecho!

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