Molletes--toasted bread with sugar and cinnamon

We did this for a change of pace for this morning's breakfast. It's a fast, simple meal, and we have here an older loaf of bread, cinnamon, and butter. As I searched for the correct spelling, I found that there is another kind of mollete that uses sweet beans and cheese, melted in the oven. It was in fact, at the top of the search. It sounds really good and I may have to do that one, too.

Ingredients for Sweet Cinnamon Molletes (pronounced Moy-et-es)
Bread loaf--any kind will do really.

This is one that was left over, and I was too tired of eggs and bacon. (Did I just say that? Who in their right mind gets tired of bacon?)

Slices are about an inch thick. The butter came straight from the fridge so it cut stiff. Obviously warmer temps change the smear-factor. I like warm butter better. Now on to breakfast.

I don't hold to the thinking that butter is bad for you. I use it liberally. Don't talk to me about Parkay.
Butter is better. Waaaaay better. And raw grass fed butter, locally purchased, is even better.

Yes, there is a difference. But I digress.

This pan is hot and is ready for toasting. I have it on medium heat. I seem to burn things and like instant heat, and so I have to keep reminding myself that hotter is not better.

Butter has had a chance to melt into the bread, I moved it around on the griddle so to coat the whole top and bottom. Added a couple other pats here and there. :)


Really toasted.

Cinnamon and sugar combo added. Now, you can do this in the oven, too, but I like the hands on, stove approach, especially with cold, hard butter. Serve with a glass of milk and enjoy!

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