Power packed chia and limon.

Have you heard about the superfood Chia?
I can't believe you wouldn't know it via Ch-ch-ch-chia pet... Yes, that one! It's a pet and a superfood all in one. This great little seed is fantastic in Lime water. It expands when soaked and it tastes good. My kids at first were curious. What is this gelatinous mass floating in my water? Then they saw their Papi down three big glasses and they were hooked. 

Brings him back to his childhood. Yes, I agree. My mother-in-law also taught me about chia in my lime water, too. I think I finished the whole carafe myself and she had to make more.
We do carry it in Supermercado Mexico! It can also be found in health food stores and on line.


Chia, my friend.

Picking out the limes to wash and cut.

Washed and cut limes. We quarter them so they give more juice.

Water collector guy.

Squeezing with all her might.

Divine Drink

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