Ham Tostadas cooked in Lime Juice

Simple, light, summery.
Main ingredients make me think summer, but I like this anytime of the year. You can use tostadas or tortilla chips. I make this in one batch and it usually goes so fast there is no leftovers. I like leftovers because the flavors brew together. We really like taking thin slices of avocado and laying them across the top of this treat, as well.

Ham (I buy deli version and chop it finely)
Cucumber (I found the hot house variety to be my favorite!)
Salt to taste
JalepeƱo peppers (omit or add to your picante preference)
Avocados (optional, and not in this one, likely because I didn't have any laying around.)

I take a package of ham and slice it long ways, then chop them into tiny pieces.

Cilantro is washed and any bad pieces taken out. This is finely chopped.

Our tomato is sliced one way, then the other, then one more time to be diced.

Like this!

Same with the onion. Fine. (Hey, whoever chopped this, come back here and run that knife through one more time.)

Where are the cukes? Egads. They went on hiatus and made it back for the final mix.

My friends the limes that cook the onions. Yes, yes.

I will say this once here and probably forever after. If you don't have a citrus squeezer, you cannot be my friend. Just kidding. But you can't be Mexican. Not even for a day. Nope. So go get one and change your status. Besides, it makes it easier to squeeze the lemons and limes. I like to quarter mine, they give more juice. Then tip the press sideways, more will come out because it pools in the sides of this handy simple machine.

So here is everything mixed together and coated with lime juice and some salt. Take a slotted spoon and add it to your tostada! Like spice? Add Salsa Valentina on top.

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