Jicama - Cool as a ... Tuber?

Summer. Yummy fruits, vegetables fresh from the garden, a tall glass of iced tea and life couldn't get better. It's the simple pleasures. 

I'm going to tell you about this AMAZING nearly unknown vegetable that you will find in almost any Latino Grocery (cough, cough) like Supermercado Mexico. 

Do I begin to describe this light, sweet tasting vegetable or do I tell you about its great qualities? Or that it can be a sensation at your summer party? 

Health Benefits of Jicama:
It's low on the glycemic index-great for keeping blood sugars stable-it has oligofructose insulin-a soluble dietary fiber;
The high fiber also helps lower colon cancer;
High in vitamin C- one serving has 44% of the recommended daily dose;
Contains minerals like copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron;
Low calorie and filling!


You can cook with this legume, or eat it raw. We normally eat it raw in the way listed below:

This is the finished product. 

And now for the start. 

This one is a pretty good size. 

Jicama has a thick skin and you're going to have to wrestle with it to get it off. 

My husband prefers to soak it first. After just wanting to get it cut open and enjoy it, I skipped that step. Meh.  I'm going to say it's better soaked while it's still wrapped up in its own skin. I attempted soaking it after I had cut it. While that's acceptable, I can't put my finger on it, but it's not the same. So, soak it in the refrigerator for a couple hours then cut it. 

This is cut in half and it's where I realized that it will need to be rehydrated. Rats. A woman just wants her jicama. 

Use a knife that's an appropriate size for the job. It makes it easier. Please make sure it's sharp, that makes it easier, too. 

Please be careful. You don't want to cut a body part. Been there, done that. Moving on. 

Dear Hubby is going to town on this thing! 

See the crisp, white vegetable here that was all wrapped up in that fibrous skin? Oh, yes. Delicious. 

Cut in half inch slices, then you can quarter them if you like. 

This is where we had a brief discussion about soaking them. No, actually, I think it was when the first half cut was made and we noticed how dry it looked. This is me trying to make up for that dry factor. The starch from this veggie is leaking into the water, that's why it looks cloudy. 

Sprinkle with salt and chile  you can use a prepared version made for vegetables and fruit, or just simple cayenne. 


Squeeze that lime all over the plate. Enjoy!